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Improve your Profit

  • WHY: Improve product profitability and create opportunities to increase sales volume with more competitive pricing


  • WHAT: A focus on total delivery cost (TdC) reduction, to decrease the cost of the product to the customer, together with value optimisation to leverage profit opportunities


  • HOW: Implement global best practice cost-value optimisation processes developed within the automotive industry. Achieve demonstrable results and proposed organisation evolutions, through cross-functional collaboration activities supported by specific tools


Come back Stronger

  • WHY: Survive a crisis and get stronger resumption of normal business activities once the crisis is over.

  • WHAT: A focus on preserving the cash by securing highest profitable sales, a continuity in the supply chain, access to sales financing and an appropriate communication. 

  • HOW: Implement Key metrics validated through several crises including: financial crisis in 2008, Thai floods in 2011, Japanese Tohoku earthquake in 2011.




Secure returns

  •  WHY: Supporting your investment decisions to identify potential risk and secure maximum benefit.

  •  WHAT: Asses the project plan and commercial assumptions, supported by benchmark tools to provide most accurate status of future development.


  •  HOW: Performing technical and commercial due diligences to create and optimise the financial model robustness. The activity will be conducted, according needs at your offices, partner locations or through external market studies.


Push sales & enhance profitability

  • WHY: Enhance sales and overall profitability through the right strategy in Consumer Financing to propose new experiences, leveraging the best business partners (banks, insurance companies…).

  • WHAT: Product manufacturing is not enough to differentiate from competitors.  Best-in-class companies create a customer experience, in the way they get to the consumer and make it attractive to acquire and use their products and services.

  • HOW: Comutiq offers a full range of advisory services to maximise business profits related to Consumer Financing. From strategy definition to partners selection, business model reviews and operational process definitions and implementations.




Stay Connected

  • WHY: Support charging network deployment to contribute electric vehicle growth and intelligent energy management.  Identifying trends in the synchronisation of EV adoption in each geography, and charging infrastructure deployment needs.


  • WHAT: A focus on customer trends and usage patterns. Wallbox installation, setting up of publicly accessible AC  / DC charging points networks including Service and maintenance.


  • HOW: Step by step approach: market analysis, network planning, business model & financing, pilot phase, procurement and full deployment, backend systems, Service and maintenance.


Open New Horizons

  • WHY: Support trend toward less ownership and increase vehicle usage efficiency.

  • WHAT: A focus on business models and digital solutions to improve customer experiences and operational activities.

  • HOW: Define service offer & customer experience. Implement global best practice processes, support selection of hardware and software partner, with operational experiences coming from start-up, OEMs and investment sector.



Optimise resources

  • WHY: Improve process efficiency to create a robust organisation and increase your competitiveness.

  • WHAT: Implement Lean manufacturing processes focusing on the 4M (Man, Machine, Material, Method), 5S… tools eliminating inefficiency and supporting a continuous improvement mindset within your organisation.

  • HOW: Blending our expertise within your organisation to review and optimise your process, deliver an action plan to enhance your Team, consolidate your methodology and secure future success.


Get Visible

  • WHY: Digital technologies drive the modern economy.  Data analytics and intelligence inform major decisions.

  • WHAT: Transform your Digital strategies into action, so they are fully embedded across your business, securing the buy-in, of your employees and establishing new behavioural adoption.

  • HOW: Interpretation of a business’ transformation strategy into real-world action, through a combination of operations and project delivery experience with strategic and holistic employee and customer engagement plans.

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